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Business Sales & Acquisitions for Mid-Market Companies

The Most Important Decision You’ll Ever Make

Over 80% of business owners only sell a business once in a lifetime.  The typical business owner has invested substantial money, time and sacrifice in building their company. The owners firm typically makes up in excess of 75% of the entrepreneur’s net worth. The decisions made around the sale of their business can be some of the most important financial decisions they may ever make.  When to sell, how to sell and who should represent you will determine if you leave money on the table.

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What to Consider if a Sale is Right for You?

Is a sale of your privately held firm going to maximize value to your family, your employees, and you?  There is a variety of business and personal elements that you may want to consider in deciding if a sale is right for you.  Here are 10 questions to ask before selling your business…

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What to Look for when Hiring a Firm

Research shows, a top M&A broker improves the business sale experience and the net value to seller, whether an owner has been approached by a buyer or goes into the market find the best buyer.  How do you choose your M&A team?  As with investing in your key equipment or best employees, a lot rides on the right choice.  The right M&A Broker is like grease, they do not cost you money, they make you money.  Look first to tenure and depth of expertise, then next at the breadth of the team and resources. A corporate resume and accomplishments of the people speak volumes on what you can expect.

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IBG News

International Business Group, LLC announces it has acquired the operating platform of IBG Business Services, Inc., a Denver based M&A advisory firm founded in 1986.  International Business Group, LLC operates under the name IBG Business.  It is owned by principals of prominent M&A firms located in Arizona, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Colorado.

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