M&A Broker Receives International Business Association’s Premier Award

Chicago - John C. Johnson, MMAI, Principal of IBG Business and Bluestem Resources Group (Bluestem USA, Tulsa, Oklahoma, received International Business Brokers Association's (IBBA) distinguished Tom West Award during its Educational Program in California. The Tom West Award is IBBA's highest honor and is awarded annually to one member to recognize exceptional contributions in promoting the goals and ethics of IBBA and business brokers

Johnson's innovative reorganization and initiatives directly contributed to IBBA's recognition and support through its esteemed M&A Source, the largest international association of middle market merger and acquisitions intermediaries and M&A Brokers and advisors. Johnson, a Past President of the IBBA, has also Chaired The M&A Source.

IBBA, the world's largest association exclusively for entities active as business brokers and mergers and acquisitions brokers and advisors, has more than 1,200 active intermediaries across the United States and internationally. The leading association for business intermediaries and M&A Brokers and advisors, IBBA advances professional development, educates potential clients as to the value of Business and M&A broker services and promotes the highest ethical conduct. It sponsors national educational programs and conferences.

Johnson, cited for robust and stalwart service, initiated enhancements to M&A Source's educational, M&A brokers and advisor marketing and outreach programs during his term as M&A Source Chair. His innovations, programs and dedication to The M&A Source placed it among the most esteemed organizations in the M&A intermediary profession.

IBBA's Tom West Award is named after its founder and first president, Thomas L. West, credited with its founding and developing IBBA the stature of the business and M&A broker profession. West, is a legendary expert and nationally recognized advocate for the business broker profession.


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