One Buyer = No Buyer!

A client called, saying his accountant referred him to a Principal of IBG Business for a second opinion during the final days of a buyout. This Principal agreed to represent the seller, and had a tremendous impact on the outcome.

Special Circumstances

A Principal of IBG Business agreed to represent the seller and begin working through the process. The seller was told to convey to the buyer "We've retained an IBG Business M&A Broker and he'll be in touch with you in a couple of weeks once they've begun their process." The seller was nervous because their signed letter of intent was set to expire in two business days.

The seller called back immediately and reported that the buyer was resistant to adding a third party to the mix at this late date stating that the timing necessary for a broker to get involved would ruin the timing of the deal. Despite this resistance, the seller insisted upon engaging the IBG Business Principal and running the proposed process. The buyer was so concerned about the involvement of the IBG Business M&A Broker they countered by raising their bid for the company from $6M to $8M, if the seller would close immediately!

The following day, the seller reviews the IBG Business Principal's engagement documents and says, "We haven't even signed the deal to work with you yet, and we're already getting $2M more just because of your involvement. You've already paid for yourself!"

The Process

After two weeks of evaluation using the IBG Business process, the seller was informed their business was found to be worth $10M, not the $8M offered by the single buyer originally involved.

The Outcome

Nine months later, the IBG Business M&A Broker succeeded in helping the seller get $10M, $4M more than the original purchase price proposed. The time-tested and proven IBG Business process gives you the peace of mind that you won't leave money on the table! Having skilled, professional advice gained the seller $4M.