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IBG Business does one thing: we serve business owners in the sale and purchases of businesses. We do it confidentially, maintaining integrity, high ethics and little fanfare, while delivering superior results. And we do it with the combined knowledge and experience of industry leaders who have united to bring the very best service available to clients nationwide in one firm.
Welcome to IBG Business.


Commercial Construction Subcontractor

ID: 6D207

A leading commercial construction subcontractor with an established, long-term customer base of general contractors.

REVENUE: $14,000,000 (proj.)
EBITDA: $1,334,000 (proj.)
LOCATION: Southwestern U.S.


Managed By: William Thode

International Saloon/Restaurant Franchise

ID: 7D208

World famous bar/restaurant franchise with highly recognizable brand and proven franchise model. Total system sales, across approximately 25 domestic and international locations, exceeded $34,200,000 in 2017. High growth opportunity domestically and internationally with expansion plans for 50 new locations over the next five years (with current resources).

REVENUE: $34,200,000 (total system)


Managed By: John Zayac

30+ Year Old Food Services Company

ID: 6S110

Award-winning niche, full-service restaurant, deli, bakery and catering services company. This 30+ year-old family owned business consists of multiple retail full-service deli/restaurants, a bakery/catering division, and a wholesale bakery goods division that has products in 100+ locations. Western US.

EBITDA: $1,200,000


Managed By: Troy Stapley

Roofing Company

ID: 7S207

30+ year old residential and commercial roofing company with established maintenance program. Long term employees, operational efficiencies/automation implemented to reduce labor needs.

REVENUE: $22,000,000
EBITDA: $2,300,000 (EST.)


Managed By: Oksana Komarnyckyj

Solar Business Based in the Southwest

ID: 7S109

Well established business looking to go to the next level.

REVENUE: $24,130,115
EBITDA: $2,870,000 (EST.)


Managed By: Lance Meilech

Aggregate Supply Company

ID: 7S106

Vertically integrated aggregate mining/decorative stone supply company maintains international and domestic operations that source, manufacture and distribute a variety of wholesale/retail products and proprietary brands.

EBITDA: $4,500,000


Managed By: Troy Stapley

Commercial Construction Subcontractor (SW)

ID: 6S107

Well respected commercial construction subcontractor located in the Southwestern US. Customer base is comprised of established general contractors with many relationships of over 15 years. No bonding required and strong supplier support. The business has extensive estimating capability with the skills to manage large scale, difficult and time-sensitive jobs. Management willing to stay and is considering recapitalization and strategic opportunities.

REVENUE: $27,692,000
EBITDA: $5,233,000


Managed By: Jim Afinowich

Oilfield Construction and Maintenance

ID: IBG 5T106

Long-tenured, high reputation performer in oilfield construction and maintenance. Multi-functional services critical to mid-stream clientele. Owner is prepared to remain beyond normal transitions. This business can thrive under an owner operator or as an add-on to complementary oilfield or utilities construction.

REVENUE: $4,200,000
EBITDA: $450,000


Managed By: John C. Johnson

Propane Distributor – PA

ID: #IBG 5W110 - Propane Distributor - PA

1.0 million gallon propane distributor serving over 2,600 customer locations in a good market in PA.

REVENUE: $2,477,000
EBITDA: $365,000
GALLONS: 1,039,000


Managed By: Gary Papay

Technical Coatings Applicator

ID: 3S212

The company is a well established technical coatings applicator that services aerospace, military parts manufacturers and other commercial industries. It is highly experienced with unique, specialized critical coatings; provides powder coatings, varied dry film lubricants, and possesses multiple paint types like mil-spec paints, liquid coatings, high temperature ceramic and aluminum. The aerospace division is approved for over a dozen of the largest aerospace and aviation OEM’s.

EBITDA: $500,000


Managed By: Lance Meilech

Advertising Reseller

ID: 6S104

The company has a national presence in reselling advertising of weekly newspapers. Have been in business for over 30 years. Very stable business and has a significant telemarketing component to the business.

EBITDA: $715,000


Managed By: Lance Meilech

RV Sales and Service

ID: 6S105

30 year old RV Dealership based in Southwestern United States. Services in include new and used RV sales, RV maintenance and repair, and RV storage.

REVENUE: $1,500,000
EBITDA: $250,000


Managed By: Lance Meilech

Full Service Marketing & Advertising Company

ID: 6S102

15+ year-old marketing services company providing all aspects of advertising from strategy to execution, utilizing award-winning creativity and advanced technology. Offers significant experience in web development, in-house creative and technical talent, and an attractive list of clients who rely on the company’s ongoing services.

REVENUE: $1,600,000
EBITDA: $600,000


Managed By: Troy Stapley

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