M&A Source

The M&A Source promotes professional development and member’s interests to better serve merger and acquisition clients’ needs and maximize public awareness of professional intermediary services available for middle market merger and corporate acquisition transactions.

The M&A Source was established in 1991 to address the professional issues of merger and acquisition advisors, intermediaries and related M&A professionals. It has grown to more than 250 advisors and intermediaries worldwide. The M&A Source goals are to advance members’ deal making opportunities, M&A practice standards, and personal growth through forums for corporate acquisitions advisors and M&A intermediaries to exchange information and learn from one another Members’ professional activities include representing owners in completing sale of their businesses or searching to acquire companies, divisions or product lines, as M&A advisors to clients on acquisitions, values, structures, strategies and methods for ownership transfers of middle market companies, facilitate financing necessary to consummate the transaction, and preserving client confidentiality. www.masource.org

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